[REVIEW] What Makes You Want To Watch Dunkirk (2017) ?

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Happy Sunday guys

On 24 July, I watched Dunkirk at cinema. God knows how I waited for this movie since last year. They had me at "From Christoper Nolan .....", period. I still don't get it how this movie suddenly become overhyped ? I thought this movie is only a secret between us Nolan fans ? Ugh by the way, I'm suck at reviewing movie. I don't really know how to put it into words. But hope this might help !

That's a very different approach for Nolan to make a war-genre movie, as he used to make a psychological thriller/mystery/science fiction movie, other than The Dark Knight trilogy. But at this point, I don't even care what kind of movie he's gonna make. He could direct the Emoji Movie , and I would still freaking watch it just because. None of his movie I watched, is considered bad for me . How I admire every single aspect he took for each of his movie; the breathtaking cinematography, the clever narration, the plot, the amazing and iconic background score by Hans Zimmer, and the best part is, he always did an almost-perfect ending. I will never forget how it makes me feel. 

I watched all of his movies, I can even explain it down each of them for you. Except now for Following (1998) I don't watch it yet lol. It's in black and white. 

So what actually makes me want to watch Dunkirk the most ? Yes, the director itself. Here's a fun fact, I don't really like history or anything like that. (Hate is a strong word lol) If there is any new movie about war or something like that, I'd rather ignore it. Somehow I watched Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick accidently when I was young, turned out it was quite good. But for Dunkirk, I even read lil' bit history about it before I'm gonna watch so I won't feel confused or even worse, "Don't have any idea what the fuck am I watching". I hated reading anything about history guys; even this iconic WW2 moment. For Nolan, I'm willing to read it even I feel bitter bout it. 

Summary :

Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II. (IMDb)

Dunkirk hardly use any dialogue, more like the picture itself tells the stories. But the cinematography and its visual graphic quite compelling that I don't even want to blink my eyes. I want to remember this moment. I wouldn't see any Nolan movie in cinema after this. (He's getting old, duh ?) so I don't want to regret this for the rest of my life. Nolan's collaboration with Hans Zimmer for the score never dissapoint a little bit of soul in me.

Personally I only like the opening and the ending. Somewhere between that was kinda boring to me; and repetitive especially the Tom Hardy part; making it look pointless though. I actually expect this movie would connect us emotionally, at least. There's nothing like any interesting plot, any twist to keep you up. I somehow understand Nolan's only focus about the Evacuation of Dunkirk, but at least you can add little personal case for one character in it; like maybe he had a flashback of his good ol' days with his family or his spouse in spite of the fear and hopeless he is facing now. I don't know. Like my housemate, she hope she could see how the survived one growing old with such that experience. A simple addition like that, maybe would change the way we watched Dunkirk, right ? The butterfly effect ?

Overall I'm not saying Dunkirk isn't great, it is just okay. I've seen the other great one from Nolan. I wouldn't say Dunkirk is the best movie I ever watched just because it is from Nolan. At least I don't lie to myself; saying I love this movie just to comfort myself. Also I don't even doubt a little that Dunkirk is an Oscar material. But you know what ? I'm glad I watched this and not regretting any.

- Yours truly, a huge Nolan fan

IMDb : 8.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes : 93%
Metacritic : 94/100

Who else think Harry Styles is handsome as hell ? Nolan didn't even know him when he chose him for the audition though. By the way this post has been in my draft for almost 2 weeks lol. What a relieve now that I have published this. So what do you think of Dunkirk ?

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  1. Omg how come I do not know about this??? Well, to be fair I've only learned about Nolan this year so I'm still forgive-able lol. I do like watching movies about war since it finally got me to learn history and the rawness of war kinda made me feel totally satisfied afterwards.

    Wth Harry Styles doing there? hahahahaha.

    thanks for this and you've done a good review. you got the needed essence with little to no spoilers. good job!

    // afifahaddnan

  2. i need to watch this kind of movies. it used to be my fav :D

  3. woaaaa... nampak best <3 cerita perang XD

    and tak sangka pulak Harry dalam ni O.o


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