Mini Haul #1 : Christy Ng shoes & a tote bag

8:00 AM

Morning !

It's been a while since I updated my blog ! I really miss my blog and I got so many things to share but I'm just too lazy ! Plus taking photos can be my biggest problem ...  we all can relate aren't we. Anyway, me and my homies went to One Utama last Monday and I got myself a pair of shoes and a tote bag.

Actually I already plan to buy shoes for me. It's a dream choos, Christy Ng shoes. I've been keeping an eye on their shoes since forever. They are all beautiful I'm totally ded.

Of all the design, I really really love this black open toe - ankle strap chunky heels. I'd die for it. It's a crowd favourites and I'm one of them. This is the one I've been keeping on my wishlist. 

Then there is my brown tote bag from Forever 21. I planned to buy a top handle handbag but I saw this first accidently, so forget about it though. Besides I love that pink fluffy ball keychain. I don't know what have I done to it these past few days because it looks like just got an electric shock lmao.

So we were passing upon Sephora twice and pretend did not saw it. Maybe next time, or I'll be broke. It was a really scary moment I swear to god.

Adios gal :D

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