First post in 2021

2:45 AM

Yeah I don't think I will ever write here again but it feels nice to drop by once in a while. Every time I open my computer, I'll always open this tab don't know what for. It's not like I'm gonna update something - even if I'm going to, it will always goes back to draft. I don't know it just feels right to keep this tab open. Everything on the internet has changed a lot these days, people moved from one social media to another. I just like to keep up with it because that what I always am. But I'm never deleting this blog, it's like a part of my memories. Also I'm really active on Instagram and Tiktok now, Twitter (sometimes) if I ever remember having one. Twitter is literally different compared to few years ago, everywhere now is political or whatever. Don't even start with Facebook - absolutely obsolete for me.

On a side note, Fear Street trilogy is fire ! I LOVE IT. I'd give 10/10 for the PART 3.

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