Current Favourite Song #1

4:35 PM

Hey guys. Well okay I'm back again. That was fast

Harini just nak share current favourite song je. The video was released around May lepas oh how I feel bad about this sebab terlambat tahu lagu ni haha. I know it's not the popular one but y'all know there are always a bunch of underrated songs. Sad

Love the song and the video ! Both are beautiful combination. Somehow it breaks my heart 💔 
Don't worry, I still keep up to date with popular songs too, but it just too mainstream. Btw, video aesthetic af. Have fun listening to this ! :)

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2 komen

  1. Sedappp thank u so much hihihi suka semua lagu kak moi.
    Semua high af and yeap. Underrated :/


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