[REVIEW] Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip : Beeper & Creeper

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Hey guys !

Stay right there girls cuz I'm gonna talkin' bout this awesome and affordable liquid lipstick. I am not doing any long intro so let's just jump into Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip packaging first.

Overall I love the packaging. Simple yet dope (oh the hologram things there)

Okay I forgot to mention that I'm too late for taking these photos ! I mean look at those boxes lmao. Sometimes I just throw them anywhere. Wow very CAREFUL ...... just look at their condition. Sad. I got panicked when I plan to take photos of these cause I thought they're already dissapeared nowhere but lucky me. Okay I wasn't suppose to write that.

 By the way I bought the color Beeper and Creeper. 

Colourpop got no chill when they named it Ultra Matte Lip; because it really does. Once you swipe, it will settle in fine line of your lips and turns completely matte. It will give a dry looks, but really, your lips wouldn't feel like it drying out, at all. Because embrace it pal, if you're not a fan of matte liquid lipstick, you wouldn't like it.

Colourpop UML may have thin and water-like formula but don't be deceived, those colors are extremely pigmented with only one swipe. That's insane ! And in this case, that insane is pretty good. Because the color itself would make your lips look beautiful. I would say the longevity of its wear is definitely outstanding -- ONLY if you're not fond eating oily foods. 


Beeper describe as a warm mid tone taupe AND one of the crowds favourites. I read tons of reviews about Beeper, and it sounds pretty good so I got one for me. But the color would have a slight change on different lips because girl, we're all have different natural lips color aren't we ? But really though, it doesn't even bother me that much. And it has been said the colour suits for all skin. Wanna try out ?

I'd love to say Beeper is beautiful color and I like it. For the best result, always exfoliate and put some balm on your lips before apply it (it's really crucial if you have dry lips) Looking at the picture below, my lips look like drying out. Colourpop UML surely will not hydrating your lips but -- will never dry out your lips. I feel comfortable wearing it and don't worry, it just how it looks.

Sorry because the hologram letters fade away because I tend to put this anywhere. So no wonder scratches all over and then just fade away because I am so FREAKING GOOD take care of my stuffs.


Moving on to Creeper, it's a true classic red. I'm not a fan of classic red lipstick but Colourpop UML make it to die for. Compared to Beeper, Creeper has less dryness and do not setting into fine lines that much, which makes I love Creeper than Beeper. I would say this color suits me the best. Plus, I wear this a LOT ! :)

Loving him was red.

For the record, Creeper is such a CREEP due to hard times of removing it and I'm kinda triggered.
But still, I wouldn't mind because I really love Creeper so much. You just need a lot of efforts to remove Creeper from your lips compared to Beeper (which is easily removed).

Final verdicts : Colourpop UML is da bomb. Colourpop UML may not be the best for everyone, but it's GOOD enough for me to buy another color. If you want a long lasting liquid lipstick, I would suggest you to get one of these Colourpop UML ! :)

What do you think of Colourpop UML ? 
Rad or bad ? 

Note : I didn't edit the brightness and contrast of the photos, just different lighting there.

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13 komen

  1. I own Beeper and Scrooge! Beeper looks a lot darker on me and Scrooge is a really nice rosy pink. I like them both but I don't wear them that often because they are not hydrating at all. Great post btw!

  2. OMG I really really like the color Beeper ❤❤❤

  3. gambaq tu lawaa. and yes I love beeper! it looks good on me!

  4. I really need to try Colourpop punya product!

  5. Ahh, I'm falling in love with Creeper ! 'cause I love red color so much ! hahaha.
    Where can I find this anyway? :)

  6. @Erin Azmir hehe. will probably try out scrooge later ! :D

  7. @Eeiou _ beeper is like everybody's favourite :)

  8. @Fatin Liyana boleh dapatkan kat ig @lushxmalaysia : trusted seller ! :)

  9. Hye.. Cari swatches colourpop original yg murah boleh follow ig @byellidz atau fb page @ColourPopCosmeticsMY . Kami ambil stok sikit2 je. Kalau rajin boleh la singgah ye. :)

  10. Saya ada donut. and i kinda lovin it :)


I would really appreciate to have your thoughts here ! :)