#MYCyberSale : My First Online Shopping with Hermo.my

6:21 PM

Hi folks

#MYCyberSale is gettin' so crazy, pretty intense and ... it's already over. More like Black Friday in Malaysia (only it happens online) So this time I did a little damage on hermo.my

In case you aren't familiar with hermo.my, it's an online shopping where you can browse skincares, makeup, bath products and anything related to it -- mostly with affordable prices. 

Okay let's just see what I got.

I only had eyes on these two products then ! I am so excited now that I got them on my hands.

I know this aloe vera gel is not something new because it's quite famous. I've tried one from Natural Republic but I think I'm gonna try out from The Face Shop this time:)

Then I got myself a scrub .... more like another scrub. I had one already but the urge to try this one from Skin Food is so damn high. I just can't help myself. 

Got this cute card.

...... and this really special one. An air pack.

The Face Shop : Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel
Price : RM21.90
Skinfood : Black Sugar Mask Wash Off
Price : RM44.00 

Who wouldn't buy it with such that price. Okay that deal is over actually haha it only happens only on that day but I manage to bought them. Anyway, I will absolutely do some review of these later. 


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6 komen

  1. Wow, murahnya! Rugi pulakk tak join hritu. Ni sbb kes tak dpt gaji lah nii. aaaaaa

  2. Murahnyaaaaa jeju Aleo fresh tu ! *crying

  3. haritu dah nak beli but tangguh tanggguh. sekarang dah habis sale kan? cries an oceann

  4. @AinAthirah Anuar Yeap ! Taktau mana lagi nak dapat harga macam tu lepasni :(

  5. @hazwani yusof dah habis dah. But boleh check kat hermo sometimes kot ada sale lagi :)


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