Arrival (2017) Review -- One Of The Best Thought Provoking Sci-Fi Movie

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It's been a while since I made a movie review ! The last time was Doctor Strange. So I watched Arrival alone on last Monday and it was actually good to see the movie without any company. I have planned to watch this actually and have no regret at all. So here it is ! Scroll down to read my little review and then you can decide whether to watch or not. Hope it helps ! NO SPOILERS.

Synopsis : 

When 12 mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the apparent alien visitors. (Source : IMDb)

Okay let's see. First of all, it's not about alien invasion like other people expected. If you admire the type of movie that requires you to 'think', you can watch this without no doubt. For example, if you enjoy watching Interstellar (ooh favourite); a slow pace movie with full of emotion, you passed -- only that Arrival is not in a dull way. I told you this so you won't get dissapointed at the first place. Because it's not my fault you watch something that's not your type and then walk out from cinema be like "Arrival was so bad, I don't understand a thing !". Well go watch The Avengers then.

Arrival is more about making a contact/communicate with the alien in a 'poetic' way and comes with a mind blowing twist. And can I just say it was totally brilliant, magnificent, emotional, and needs your brain along to work out with. Even though the special effect was not so-top-notch and flawed a little, it was beautifully shot and the cinematography is on point. With the terrific background score, it reminds me so much about Christoper Nolan's movie -- sometimes it gave me a goosebump. Amy Adams performance was so great ! The trailer can be misleading sometimes; making it looks like a typical alien movie that want to take over the Earth while it is actually vice versa. Anyway, just see it yourself if you are interested.

IMDb : 8.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes : 94%
Metacritic : 81/100

Addition : There is no end post credits. Cheerio !

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  1. I gotta say I like Interstellar so this review actually intrigued me. not to mention a review of 94% by tomatomer since I always trust rotten tomatoes review.

  2. @Nurul Afifah I always trust rotten tomatoes for any movie review but at the end of the day, kita sendiri jugak yang kena decide. You like Interstellar ? High five ! :)


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