First week of 2017 : talking about acne and movies

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Honestly, my beginning of 2017 macam tak berapa bagus sangat lmao (except dapat cuti keje panjang sikit). What in the world happen to my skin do. Was it something I eat ? I'm not really sure. Makan benda sama je hehari. Is it because I always get too stressed ? Because I always did all the time. Is it because I never had enough sleep ? If it's the case, I always like that since I'm 17 or 18 kot. Was it some product I use ? If there is one, is it from sabun kopi ? Because I only notice after I use dat product my skin slowly start to make a change. But wait ... is it something with my hormone ? I never know. Was it something to do with my gene ? Because if it was, I never want this gene ! (I'M KIDDING) I'm at the point pikir macam2 sebab terjadinya jerawat2 ni tau hahaha. Aku dah sampai tahap malas nak fikir pasal acne aku ni but lowkey cari jugak lah cara nak atasi benda ni. But one thing for sure, I never miss my face routine everyday. Because kulit aku tak pernah jadi seteruk macam ni, so aku rajin jugak lah google macam2. Time ni baru rasa okay best sangat baca various experience orang plus explain product2 apa semua. I learned something a lot ! Currently is trying out some products in drugstore. Actually sebelum breakout memang aku guna product drugstores (toner, moisturizer, etc kecuali sabun kopi just untuk cleanse je) but tak sesuai kot. I don't know. Plus I did tried some natural remedies too. (Edited)

Acne : Start from the forehead now we're here ! (both cheeks). Can't barely be seen on this angle. Depan 2lagi tak sanggup tengok gulps


Buat masa ni tengah tunggu movie ARRIVAL (12 Jan ni la kot). I thought it just some kind of typical movie which alien nak serang bumi but review banyak kata best. 94% on Rotten Tomatoes are you kidding me ? Jarang2 lah beb movie science fiction dapat rate sampai 90% and above. Selalu MARVEL dengan kartun je yang rate tetinggi ni lol. Idk thou I'll give it a try. By the way rate tu cuma menandakan tahap enjoyment audience je, bukan rate betapa "bagus" nya movie tu. Ha. Faham kan. Oh and aku dah selesaikan 2 movie dalam list movie-to-watch aku; PRIMER (2004) and REQUIEM FOR A DREAM (2000). Primer banyak sangat guna bahasa saintifik and most of the time, I really didn't enjoy it and didn't understand a thing. Konsep dia best actually but maybe it was something with the narration plus it was a low budget movie so ... I should shut up. Aku sampai ke tahap malas nak search explanation kat Quora. While Requiem For A Dream quite interesting to me ... but truly depressing. But I still think it's good thou plussss the scoreeee is totally raddddd mi love it ! And Jared Leto is not main reason I watch it not like some other girl only like aaaahhh ohhh Daddy just because The Joker. If he was a woman then he is my mom because they both are like 46 and he's cute. Leto can be my mom.

Lastly, grammar serious berterabur macam haram jadah. Please bebuat paham jelah dengan ayat aku ek. Aku baca pun dah macam apa. By the way you can share with me about your breakout experience/how to get rid of it if you want to. Have a nice day everyone !

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  1. Normally acne breakouts is because of the products that you're using.. Maybe you could change you skincare products or perhaps, some natural remedies could help

  2. Maybe the products you use & food that you put in your mouth. May your skin gets better! Do not forget to avoid ice water, more plain water! & most important is to wash your face frequently especially after you've been exposed to bad weather, air etc.

  3. It's probably the product's fault. Try buying products in stores like Guardian, Watson, SASA etc and ask the promoters for recommendation. It's pricey but trust me, it's worth it :) Oh fyi, I used Cetaphil and tetiba muka I breakout teruk gila. And kawan I pun kata dia breakout jugak sebab pakai Cetaphil. So, I wouldn't recommend you buying that. Hehe. But who knows what's gonna happen right?

  4. muke jadi gitu maybe sebab tukar skincare kot?

  5. try use cosmoderm anti blemish cream . berkesan kak . muka saya little breakout then amal setiap malam , alhamdullilah dah berkurang .

  6. @Puteri I see. Actually memang guna drugstore products even sebelum breakout. But maybe tak sesuai kot hehe. Cetaphil memang ramai recommend but tak beli sebab mahal sangat ahahaha plus contain parabens ya ? If I'm not mistaken :(

  7. @Azreen Sofia Thanks gurl ! I'll try to avoid ice water :)

  8. @Flavnesz I see. Thanks ! Ade jugak try some natural remedies :D

  9. I'm genetically prone to acne and during mild sessions, Aiken seems to do the trick but as it worsens I gotta take the meds. if all you're saying is true, like not your daily things causing the breakout, it is most probably the gene thing. I'd suggest you try on some new acne prone routine and see if it lessen. If not, just visit the doctor and ask if you should start on meds because normally such breakout won't happen to "normal" person if it weren't for some product they'd been using. geez, my comment looks so serious ehh. I'm a pharmacy student and I have acne all my life. lol.


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