Movies that I watched on April (Get Out & Before I Fall)

8:00 AM

Get Out (2017)

A suspenseful and thought-provoking horror/thriller movie, Get Out is one of my favourite movie of the year. A white young Rose Armitage brings her black boyfriend, Chris, to her family and so on until weird things happen. Nigga no lie but I'm kinda freaked out somewhere in it. While this movie is a horror one to watch, some funny elements been added too it and of course I really enjoyed it, even the whole cinema almost cried with laughter. Glad it didn't went so 'dark' all the way. So personally, the storyline was kinda great and what I really appreciate the most was the camera work, how satisfying and beautiful. Every character in this movie was portrayed perfectly especially their expression. Honestly, I too didn't see the plot twist coming when actually the clue was all there, from the start; you just have to focus on what they are talking about and look into their eyes. But hey, that's what a thought-provoking movie is all about and you should know I have a major love towards this kind of movie. 

The ending could've been better but it was enough. Few minutes after done watched this I remember about the movie Being John Malkovich (a great original movie, but portrayed kinda bad actually, I mean the editing, camera and so on). If you already watched that movie, you can always tell what similarities that these both movie shares (but could be better if you haven't!). 

IMDb : 8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes : 99%
Metacritic : 84/100

Stay woke ! Niggas creepin'.

Before I Fall (2017)

“Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there's a tomorrow ....  But for some of us there's only today. And the truth is, you never really know.” 

Based from the young-adult novel by Lauren's Oliver, Before I Fall tells a a story about Sam, who stuck in a time loop all over again, and trying to untangle the mystery behind it. A movie about time loop is not something new, we all know that, but only the ending was made to be different from each other -- and its purpose too, guys ! Nigga the only movies I watched similar to this was Triangle, Source Code and The Edge of Tomorrow (never Groundhog Day). Tiring to watch to be honest, but it all kinda worth it. Mindblown ? Not actually. But just enough to say they wasn't so bad after all. The only two words came from my mouth after watched the movie ending was "DONNIE DARKO ???". Lmao you will only now if you watched Donnie Darko. But it's okay, I'd take it. And not forgetting those dope song they used in this movie. I even put like the 3 or 4 songs from its soundtrack into my Spotify playlist.

IMDb : 6.4/10
Rotten Tomatoes : 66%
Metacritic : 58/100

Ayy she died a virgin, to the night she supposed to lose her virgin. 

You watched them too ? Share your thoughts on comments ! 🍑

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  1. tak pernah tengok lagi dua2 movie ni

  2. I dun like Get Out!!!!! Hahaha.
    Ok Before I Fall tu otwwwww <3


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