Vanilla Mille Crepe Cafe @ Paradigm Mall

1:33 AM

Wow it's been like forever since I updated this blog lol. Okay so I am just gonna share about this delicious crepe cake that I tried at Vanilla Mille Crepe Cafe, Paradigm Mall. We're all lying if we never had a craving for a crepe cake from watching SAS ASMR videos every once in a while. One time I had one of their vanilla crepe cake sample but it tastes kinda funny and strange but apparently I caught myself went there again last week because my sweet tooth a$$ just wouldn't keep it in its pants. 

And so I picked their Midnight Choc (after been standing in front of the display for like 10 minutes added with a video call from my friend, it's a hard decision btw) and it's really good and not too sweet, I feel like I could eat another one haha.

Here's the other crepe cakes ! Oh and by the way, they also serve coffee and frappe, I forgot to take a photo of it. This store also available at Sunway Pyramid, Mid Valley and I don't remember where it is. Y'all can just Google it.

Will be back here soon to try the others ! 

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  1. i just post something about food and i was so hungry right now. and then i saw this post. omg food everywhere!


    1. Yes I've read about your new post about that too ! Looks tempting ♥️🤘

  2. ooh my !! these creeeepes are all very inviting.
    bahayanyaaa hahaha..


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