White Rabbit Ice Cream @ Inside Scoop, One Utama

4:35 PM

Many of us have heard about white rabbit ice cream coming to Malaysia. Like right now, there are many ice cream stores are making their own version of white rabbit ice cream, but I first saw it from Inside Scoop. Ever since, I have set my eyes on them ! I started finding them on IOI City Mall but by the time I was there, it was already sold out. So I did contact them through Instagram to reserve one for me next time I'm going to their branch at One Utama. So the day I was gonna be there, they called me and I got it ! They actually reserved me a pint but I just think it's too much as I just wanted to try it (what am I kidding, it was expensive haha) so I just make them reserved me a scoop.

So there it is. I got my white rabbit ice cream I've been dreaming about and Mazu got a scoop of tiramisu with some crashed-green-nuts that I don't know what's it called.

I am not gonna sugarcoating anything so here's what I really felt about the hyped ice cream. Honestly, it was 90% vanilla and 10% white rabbit candies. But my head had only two possibilities. It was either because it's already in a cup (just like when you bought any ice cream from a shop), because I reserved it, right ? ; which is not freshly scooped, or that's just the way it should taste. Mazu's tiramisu ice cream taste way better though haha. But that's okay because at least I get what I really wanted, and I'm really happy about it !

Have you tried this white rabbit ice cream at any other stores ? I don't remember their names, but I do know plenty of them ☺

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2 komen

  1. okay now I want to eat that ice cream XD

  2. first time i tahu pasal this ice cream.
    comeynya nama eskrim tuuu..


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