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hey !

My kind of favourite movie is, the one that always get stuck in my head. Kind of movie that makes me like to think. That kind of movies that makes me so desperate to know the whole story of it so crystal clear that I read every single of it on Wikipedia and every article related about the movie (after watched it). The kind of movie that I have to read the subtitle twice just to understand what the hell they are talking about. The kind of movie that my friends didn't have interest for

Haha. My kind of movie is like Inception, Interstellar (clearly I love Christoper Nolan's movie, my favourite movie director) Kind of sci-fi movie but depends on what the movie is about. But I heard that Nolan's is working on his movie for 2017. Something like a war movie I think but with Harry Style as one of the actor ! 

I am so picky af when it comes to movie. But tak boleh nak cakap apa dah bila dah tertengok kind of trilogy movie. Like Divergent, yeah that one just okay. But still doesn't pawwahhh enough to give such a big impact in my life (Four is exceptional, ok cause he's hot lol)

I am not really interested with kinda superhero movies, cartoon, Malay movies (but Munafik is so good). I want to spend my money for GOOD MOVIES ONLYTetiba teringat si Amani, awal2 dia dah bagitau aku.

"Dah. Aku nak tengok Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 sorang2 je"

Thanks memahami

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5 komen

  1. anda ditag

  2. Ahhaha, last part tu..
    i pun cerewet klu pasal movie ni. cite2 cintan cintun romantic tu mmg takkan nak tgk unless dipaksa.

  3. Saya pun tak suka tengok superhero, cerita melayu bagai semua tu hahaha. Dan sebenarnya saya tak suka tengok movie haha pernah tengok wayang sekali ja T.T


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