Taylor Swift : Out Of The Woods (1989)

3:27 PM

Happy new year gais !

OMG like srsly dah 2016 dah kan. 
Btw baru dapat notification dari LINE mv Out Of The Woods baru release
 Sebab aku follow Taylor Swift hikhik

Then terus lelaju search kat Youtube. OMG she always look amazing ! I've got goosebump all over my body. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL (THE MV) I WANNA CRY ARGHH

Bye ! Hope lepasni buat MV untuk I Know Places plsssss 

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3 komen

  1. omg i didnt knew that ure a swifties too hehe
    qila duk gila wildest dream :((((

    heheheheheeh btw lagu ni sumpah best ugh!!!


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