Dip N Dip @ IOI City Mall

6:33 PM

Me and my besties have been craving dip n dip since our University days (which is like 4-5 years ago, was kinda popular that time) but we were never once ACTUALLY go eating there, only just passing by smh. So few weeks ago, we drop by their branch at IOI City Mall.

So of course the typical Myra always ordered the popular ones, the richly covered chocolate crepe -- that most of people would pick, and posted on their Instagram. Mazu ordered the fruits and sweets plated ones, and her sister went for pancakes. These headass both were really ordered chocolate drink too, ignoring my advice to just order the mineral water but I can't really blame them, we're all really psyched haha. So they did ordered minerals too afterwards because tHey Just CouLdn't BreATHe in these chocolate (menyesal la tu)

A very short reviews. My crepe ? Uhhhh. I thought it's gonna be a little 'thick' considering the price ... Mazu's one was alright, the safest choice. The pancakes ? Aku punya pancake lagi sedap haha. But surprisingly we're all REALLY full tho afterwards (with that prices, we better be)

Anyways, it's alright to eat here just to satisfy your own craving once in a while. But this would be my first and last eating here haha. I'm pretty sure most of y'all have tried something here. Share with me !

p/s : This is why I rarely go for a fancy food. I'd rather bought RM6 - RM7 nasik and lauk just enough for a full and happy tummy :|

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3 komen

  1. sumpah nampak sedap. malangnya belum lagi try

  2. sy klu mkn terlebih-lebih coklat confirm sakit kepala

  3. Allahu why am I here tengah tengah hari puasa niiii.. hehehe

    But mmg betul its too much chocolate boleh muak hehe and we had the same thought on the crepe being so nipis, chocolate dia jadi a bit overwhelming.. hehe oh my perut dah berkeroncong xD

    new: https://linasyay.blogspot.com/2019/05/selamat-hari-ibu.html


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