Current Favourite Song #2

6:28 PM

Hi folks !

I make my blog public again ha (after make it private for few days). My blog posts became double now and I will fix it later. Everything in this blog is messed up and I miss to write here. So let's just proceed with the entry title today.

Glass Animals | Youth

I love this one from Glass Animals. I don't know if I'm the only one that notice the intro had a little bit similar with The XX - Intro lmao idk for like 0.02 sec. I get cringed everytime that boy doin' his weird dancing but it's worth it, my ears are blessed. Sometimes I listen to this every single night; oh highlight of my day.

Lion Babe | She's A Lady

Ooh love this one too. This song is basically used for H&M advert. I found out this song on one of my favourite instagrammer (@arvidabystrom) post; who make an appearance on this advert (the one with orange hair eating fries). Oh did I mention Caitlyn Jenner too ? Haha. This songs perfectly suited for this video and I feel great listen to this. While this song doesn't have an original MV yet, so I just put this one (it's better)

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What are your current favourite songs ? 😃

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  1. My current fav songs Lana Del Ray- You can be the boss & Iam Neeta - Sakit, hihihi.


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