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Selamat petang !

It's a little late review. Before movie ni keluar aku memang ada cadang nak tengok kat cinema, but tak jadi atas sebab tertentu haha so aku prefer tengok online je. 

Sinopsis :
Vee (Emma Roberts) join game online ala-ala Truth Or Dare yang dinamakan Nerve setelah rasa tercabar dengan kawan baik dia. But setiap mission yang dia buat dia akan ada Watchers yang memerhati. Lepas dia bertemu dengan Ian (Dave Franco), dares yang dia kena buat jadi semakin payah and tak lama tu pelbagai masalah timbul. 

Don't worry there's a lot more best scene apart from the trailer. Overall, aku boleh kata movie ni quite fun and of course suits the best for those teenagers. Movie ni move in a fast pace so sesuai sangat la untuk sesiapa yang minat movie yang tak meleret leret tu. Besides of having Dave Franco as a benefit (gurls know), this movie knows how to give you a good time although ending dia a little bit predictable duh. It's a kind of teen movie so don't take it 'seriously'. Just have fun watching it ! Plus of various nice songs ~

I won't give any rate for any movies after this so I just leave you with these rate from top 3 famous movie-rate website below and the rest you decide for yourself.

IMDb : 6.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes : 64%
Metacritic : 58/100

I know some of you have watched it (?)
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5 komen

  1. nak tengok movie ni, hari tu tak sempat tgk

  2. mcm best je, okay masukkan dlm must watch list ni,hihi.

  3. I'm definitely going to watch this movie! heeee.

  4. I wish I can have some extra free time to watch movie Hahahaha.

  5. Memula tak minat sgt since nampak like weird je pastu rasa mcm alahhh, ada mamat franco ni. your review jut give me new hope. lol.


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