Mother! (2017) Movie Review : An Honest Review & Why People Hate It

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I just watched mother! on its premier last Thursday and the hall literally only had like 6 people including me. Even with F in Cinemascore and bad reviews everywhere, that doesn't stop me to watch it in cinema. I watch what I wanna watch OK ? If you are dead serious to decide whether to watch mother! or not, please bore yourself with my long review in this post.

The whole movie is basically an extended metaphor. One thing for sure is, mother! will never give you the satisfaction they way you wanted, and it doesn't have to be like that. You need to find clues or symbolism and put it all together in order to understand this movie -- or maybe you don't need to understand it at all. That's one of the reason why masses hate it; they wanted a problem-solving movie rather than to solve the movie itself. So if you ever met anyone who said this movie is wasting time and pointless, it is just not their kind of movie. I get used with metaphorical/allegorical movies so you betcha ass I already prepared for this. If you are the type that always expecting an entertainment in movies, then you will hate mother! so much.

Perhaps the other reason people hate mother! because the trailer itself looks like a promising horror-mystery movie. The audiences that Aronofsky's targeted is so mystery that he don't even realized he is actually attracting the wrong one. So ... there is no surprise with all of the bad unpleasant reviews (mostly from public audiences). I can rest assure that mother! would be more relevant and accepted if it was made somewhere between 2000-2009. Y'all mind if I say in 2017, people can't accept a movie like this anymore. Most of them just want to be entertained.

A word; you don't have to trust what people said all the time especially when it comes to movies. If you really want to watch what you think you will love, just go.

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