Off Day With Spaghetti Bolognese

2:50 PM

I'm craving for spaghetti on my off day (Last Monday) so I made one. The best spaghetti bolognese you will ever had is always the homemade one. Not saying I can make the better one, but to point out that at least you can make it according to your liking. Plus the preparation for it just easy as ABC. I believe all my girls can do it. 

My experience of having a spaghetti at diner (restaurant, cafe, hotel) so far is a huge dissapointment. Beautifully served doesn't promised you a delicious taste sometimes. I don't really have much hope for deliciousness when eating outside, just good enough as long as they are not bland. Y'all ever heard of salt ?

The worst spaghetti I ever had was with a watery sauce and of course it's super tasteless. Lmfao it feels like you're just eating noodles soaked in a tap water. What the fudge, I was really hungry that time. Hence, from that day, I will never want to eat spaghetti from diner.

I like my spaghetti sauce thick and savoury. The amount of chilli I put was like a half from the sauce jar. I love it spicy ! Although that was not an Italian thing to do. Meanwhile, I prefer angel hair noodles because it is so much lighter and thin. Plus, it easily absorbed within all that dang sauce. 

And you, how would you like your spaghetti ?

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2 komen

  1. sedapnya. pebret ni!! tp echa suka guna spaghetti yg biasa tu. tak suka guna angel hair. aduhh mana nak cari benda ni malam2 mcm ni huhuhu.

  2. eeee sedapnya! feveret kitew jugak spagetti & macaroni segala hehe


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