List of 2017 Movies That I Watched

8:38 PM

Since tomorrow's gonna be 2018. Here's my last post for 2017. I couldn't think anything better to share, hope this entry is okay for it. So here's 14 movies that I watched in 2017. Guess I don't go to cinema often this year.

1) Get Out 
Unexpected twist. Not original but nicely done. Recommended if you like mind-twisting thriller. Read my review here

2) Arrival 
A thought-provoking sci fi. Best to watch alone. Recommended if you love Interstellar. Read my review here

3) Split
The trailer looks more promising than the movie itself. Dissapointed.

4) J Revolusi
Weak storyline. Unconvincing plot twist. But the action scene improved.

5) Underworld : Blood Wars 
Painfully boring. I want my money back.

6) Colossal
Ok enough for an independent movie.

7) Before I Fall
A mediocre melodramatic time-loop movie. But awesome soundtrack. Read my review here

8) Guardian of The Galaxy 2 
I enjoyed this one even I never watch the first one. I laughed too much. Recommended if you want to watch something fun while you chillin'.

9) Dunkirk
I expect more from this, well do I have a bad news for you. If I could rank all of Nolan's movie I have watched, Dunkirk would be the last one. Buttt kudos for his gorgeous shot. Read my review here

10) Baby Driver
The lovebird parts was unnecessary long and cringy. The rest is just average. 

11) It 
Everybody love it. But if there is only one thing I can complain, I just don't like its cliche 'happy ending'

12) Happy Death Day 
Fast pace and fun to watch. Recommended if you love slasher movie. 

13) Flatliners
Unnecessary remake. Why bother making a remake when the 90's version is already bomb ? 

14) mothers! 
I don't think it is that bad like the others said, it's intriguing though. Read my review here

p/s : Comment the list of movies that you watched this year too ! I would gladly happy to know em too. Also by the way, Happy New Years in advance !

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6 komen

  1. Surprisingly, I havent watch many of them. This year is really killing me cuz I'm busy af :(

  2. Banyak jugak tengok filem tahun ni ek. Last Siqah tengok filem Jumanji. Lawak gila. Hehe

  3. I just watched a few on your list. To many more movies in 2018!

  4. i just watched one movie in your list.. hehehe not bad kan

  5. i only watch one from ur list hehe

  6. jemput la join n meriahkan segmen GA kt sini


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