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6:18 PM

Hey guys ! 

All of those makeup stuffs but I only had a massive love towards lippie stuff, especially liquid lipstick. This time I'm gonna make a short review about Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. I had this one on Eid Day last month. Sorry it's kinda bit late for a review ! Sorry I forgot to take the photo of its box. Love the box ! It's kinda all gold and it was cool.

For the sake of love for dark and bold color lipstick, I choose RICCO 

RICCO is a deep red one. For some reason, it may actually looks more darker than it does depend on different lips or different lighting. Idk thou but it really does 

Pros :

1) It keeps your lips comfortable and helps hydrating your lips as it enriched with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil (it really does and your lips could never drying out)
2) Feels weightless once applied on lips.
3) The color is really beautiful, bold and opaque.

Cons :

1) The "Stay All Day" can never be accepted . Ugh, as if !
2) Didn't work so well with foods and drinks and you might want to check the center of your lips after that (unless if you bite your food with your teeth, you know what I mean)

It has a smell like cake/ice cream or something. The smell is actually nice but after remembered I once swallowed the liquid with Sushi King ice cream (the lipstick on my lips and the ice cream melt together), it was completely a total nightmare I could really puke right now hahaha. No seriously. 

Another selfie with poor lighting (it looks more darker for sure)

Price : RM99 (incl gst)

Personally, I really like this color. I love wearing this one when I'm going out. I feel bold !
What do you think ? Do you like this color or not ? :)

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10 komen

  1. sooo prettyhhh! the color suite u well. nice gila
    but the price, uhuh.. sobsob TT

  2. I like that kind of color too. So nice 😍😍

  3. Omg you are so brave to wear that color. Love you!

  4. Stila Liquid Lipstick is my personal fave since the first time it was out. But somehow, for the new packaging, the formula is not the same as the old one, i think. For this liquid lipstick, i go for Patina. My forever holy grail. Haha! Enjoyed your entry!

  5. Best nya jadi org cantik pakai color apape pun jadi cantik.

    Eh :P Kihkih. CANTIK!!! U ARE BOLD gurl.

    PLS PRAY FOR ME OK. Hihi. Thanks for the review <3

  6. i like the packaging, the color & the texture..
    nice !! considering buying one

  7. whoahh but my eyes stop at ur eye brows. beatiful!

  8. Gosh, the colour looks good on you! Jealous! Hehe, I haven't quite gotten in wearing bold coloured lipsticks yet, still neutrals for me, would love to try Patina, though. :)

    ieyra h. | blog

  9. Lama gila i tak pakai color bold mcm ni. Kalau beli matte liquid lipstick ni apa yang penting is kena last all day long. Penat asyik nak touch up je kalau tak long lasting!


I would really appreciate to have your thoughts here ! :)

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