Hermo Bundle Box : 3 items for RM39

9:48 PM

Hi y'all ! Guess what I got in mail yesterday. So I just discovered Hermo doin' this bundle box few days ago lol. You can choose any 3 products from NYX, Loreal and Maybelline for only RM39. Scroll down to see what I got for myself.

All 3 for RM39 ! But I was like "ugh lol" when it comes to shipping even RM6 pun.
(A broke ass girl like me would complain)

  1. NYX Full Throttle Shadow Palette [Haywire] RM49
  2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream [Madrid] RM33
  3. Maybelline Magnum Barbie Mascara Waterproof Black RM19.90
Thing is I don't actually go for a full make up everyday. Brows or lips, that's all I need to work on daily. Sometimes I put a little foundation whenever I felt uneasy looking at my acne scars lmao ! But I would gladly happy to add these purchase into my make up collection as I maybe needed them all for a day-out-makeup. 

I'm not sure how long this bundle box is going to last as there is no any date stated. Maybe just nak habiskan stok je kot idk lol. Some is already out of stock. And I'm not sure if y'all aware of this so better getcho ass grab anything now and just click on the image below (I already put the link)

... so if you're in a budget for a make up, just go. I'm just a broke girl tryna help.

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5 komen

  1. Dah lama nak try NXY punya matte lip cream tapi tak berpeluang sampai sekarang lagi.

  2. Eh laju jugak hermo sampai!!!! Hihi happy for uuuuu kakmoi 😘 <3 <3

  3. wahh really worth it :D RM 39 jeee huhu

  4. suka jugak matte NYX.. hihi.. girls dengan lipstick berpisah tiada =D


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