Chili's, One Utama

6:59 PM


It's been a while.
Yesterday my ladyboss treat us again ! (Me and Amani) 

Of course I'd love to. Food is bae.
We thought it was just a normal dinner but turns out to celebrate both of Amani's birthday and me since we're May babies. It's a birthday surprise. So my boss ordered this cake first. It's too sweet for me but I ate it so much by the way 

Of all the terrific menu, I just ordered watermelon lemonade and burger cause I've been dreaming of burgers lately. Burger is life. 

My boss is the type of person who love to order so many food oh my. My tummy is already full just by eating the burger. I'm dying but I'd love to eat the nachos too lmao

We are so full. But then I took a glance on Amani's taco  and I be like "She'd be dead"

I was a bit surprised when my boss handed this two Guess paper bag to us. I didn't knew she was planned for this. Thank you for your kindness ! :)

It was white and clean. I love the present !
But I don't wear watch tho. But mom's gonna like it. I should give this to my mom ! Hehe

Before we leave, the staff handed the polaroid of us
(which he took earlier after the cake is coming)

Spot me if you can !

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3 komen

  1. baiknya bos myraa. happy birthday anyway! :D

  2. wow, your boss such a sweet person. You're lucky! and the food, ahhhh :D

  3. Wah bestnya boss murah hati macam tu :)


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