Double Special Day : 8th May

8:00 PM

Hi !

I should write this entry yesterday but I just don't have much time
Anyway, Happy 22th Birthday to me ! And Happy Mother's Day to mom that I always love ! 
As I'm getting old, I didn't really care about present, cards or wishes. All I ever wanted was a fabulous picture of me bahahaha (but that's, with a bad quality thou)

I am so happy without any reason yesterday I don't even have a cake or present tho.
But I bought the birthday hat and those party stuffs just to make me happy and just to let me know that it's my birthday ! MAY the force be with me

I really didn't expect much.
But then, I came back home with this  

It's brownies. But with big portion. I love brownies
You shouldn't put that 22 number gurls I'm still 16 huhu
Thank you to Shiha, Amani and Eiyha. I feel so blessed ! 😍
Amani even said she almost cancel the order because she's been stressing out with me who always blow the pink whistle I just bought cause I am wayy too excited hahaha

Thanks for the wishes and to the people who ACTUALLY remember my birthday
(I deactivate my facebook on that day)

Adios ! I have so many things to write but so little time :(
Or you just can add me on snapchat : lemmoira 

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