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Hi peeps ! 

Cross body bags are the favourite travel shoulder handbags for most women out there. They are a wide variety of stylish cross body purses styles available in the market, depends on the type of travel you are planning to do. 

The best feature of this type of women’s bag is of its convenient compartments that give you the chance to organize and have easy access to your essential stuff. Not only cross body bags are practical and chic but they can also be a great safe option for you during the trip. This is why you have to choose the best travel handbag that is right for you. 

Whether you are going on an important business trip, beach vacation or a trip around the world, there is plenty of variety of styles to make fit of your needs. A leather fabric would be a great choice for you to bring along if you are going on a trip to the city. 

While a cross body purse is not 100% theft proof, wearing one across your body can help to deter thieves. One thing that you must remember is the thickness of your bag’s strap. Always avoid straps that are too thin and easy to be cut. 

With these bags you can travel stylishly without looking out of style. With such look, all your photos will be Instagram-worthy too! One travel tips you must know is not to bring everything including your cash when you are out. Keep everything else in the guesthouse reception’s safe or the room locker. 

Best outfit ideas for your cross body bag.

Ah, of course cross body bag ftw ! I love this kind of bag. I even bring it everywhere. 

The front bag is mine while Amani's at the back. But you just have to choose the size wisely. So mine just fit enough to put my powerbank, makeup pouch and purse :D

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  1. not a fan of cross body bags, tapi tengok pic ni macam lawa pulak..heheh


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