What's for Baju Raya

9:18 PM

Hi !

So my Raya for this year is not gonna be the same anymore.
Usually every year, my mom manage all the baju raya. I know I would never disagree with her choice. Mom always know the best ! But this year, I have to buy my own baju raya ... I just can't accept the fact that my mom wouldn't be in charge anymore

And then I remember; 

I'm 22 and I have a job and I'm like "Get over yourself"

I don't really care about baju raya this year. I even said to my mom "Idk if I wanna buy baju raya or not"
And she be like "Ehhh u must buy lah"

I've been browsing Bella Ammara, Minaz, Minimalace, Radiusite, Calaqisya, Zawara, Poplook and many many more lah but I just don't know. I can't decide. I just hope this year I could wear anything as long it's a one piece ! (dress/jubah)

I wish I wasn't really care what's for my baju raya .....

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2 komen

  1. omg me too.........
    qila dah la gemuk lg susah weh nak cari. therefore decided not to care much but i do care but yeah nanti jelah hewhew.

    at least u just hv to choose kak moi.
    just freken point yo finger to any of em hahah chaiyuk!!!!
    btw u oledi pretty so pakai pape pun ok je so yeah

  2. Dress or jubah would be nice ;)


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